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Transcend has been extremely helpful. After meeting with Sola Adekanye just once I was able to do very well at my interview, after which I decided to use his services to help me prepare for job interviews. Sola helped me figure out the things I would not otherwise see about the way I talk, and how to fix them. We worked a lot on behavioral questions as well as industry specific questions, and the type of questions I should most likely anticipate. It was extremely helpful and I knew much more on what I need to prepare most, and what I need to focus on when I have the interview. Sola is a very friendly and funny person, but he is also really great at being able to provide you tons of useful material in a short session. I would certainly recommend Transcend Proserv for those looking to ace their next interview regardless of what industry you are at!

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Sola has one of the sharpest minds I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with. He has an innate ability to see through the confusion in a client’s mind/business, develop a clear road-map for the client, and equip the client to attain clarity by asking thought provoking questions that force the client to evaluate his/her choices, circumstances, and strategies.

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