About Us

Transcend Proserv is a career management and business development establishment based in San Diego, CA.

Our approach ‘RISE’ is tailored to every client and practical enough to bring rhyme and reason to every situation.

We follow these steps: Review-Investigate-Stir-Evaluate

ReviewWe review where our clients are at the moment, prompt and guide our clients, develop strategies and solutions to achieve their career and business goals. However, we don’t just create goals, we lead our clients to create their ideal blueprint to which their goals are anchored.

InvestigateBased on their ideals, we investigate through personality and skills assessments of their current state relative to their ideals and determine gaps. We then recommend and provide customized training for gap closure.

Stir We stir our clients to act promptly for results.

Evaluate We continuously evaluate the impact of our strategies and the quality of results our clients realize from the process.